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View Diary: To (All) The Millions of High School Seniors with Sour Grapes, Especially Ms. Weiss… (141 comments)

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  •  I used to teach SAT for Princeton Review. (5+ / 0-)

    Lest anybody misread that and think I taught at Princeton, no, Princeton Review sells seminars to students on how to score higher on the SAT.  All those privileged white kids sitting there in a class their parents paid for looking like martyrs because they think everything should just be handed to them.  

    Taking the classes on how to take the test really will improve your scores, although this makes a mockery of the purpose of the test in the first place.

    So, she couldn't get into her preferred Ivy League school?  That's her tough shit for not being a legacy like George W. Bush.  Her scores probably creamed him, but, hey, George wasn't just white, he was GOOD white.

    In light of that, her resentment of minorities seems a bit misplaced.

    •  Any resent against minorities would be misplaced. (0+ / 0-)

      particularly considering depending on situation, she herself could be considered one.

      But it would fair to resent being overlooked because of race.

      AND it would be fair to resent nepotism.

      the resentment is not mutually exclusive.  

      Take you pick of which one you personally would be most irked about.

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