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  •  C&J, PNW Edition & Daily Birdie (7+ / 0-)

    Jeers to the fragility of the human knee. Turns out my lady has acquired a nasty tear in the meniscus on hers, thanks to a bump which she barely noticed at the time. It's off to the orthopedist this afternoon to see what can be done about it.

    Cheers to, of all things, Comcast. We're looking to upgrade our Internet connection to their 'Business' class service, and it turns out our local feed will need $2300 of construction to bring it up to spec. In the same moment I fought down an instant cringe, I saw the rest of the sentence in the E-mail read "which we will pay for." Whew!

    Compare this to CenturyLink (better known locally as 'Clink', formerly Qwest, formerly Pacific NW Bell), who demanded nearly $300 just to replace an older underground service cable.

    Daily Birdie. In "honor" of Tax Day, this would be the look of a birdie who wasn't even given the chance to preen before filing.

    MNZoo 062

    Photo credit: Me. Took this at the Minnesota Zoo in October 2010. This particular baldie was a former resident of UMN's Raptor Center. She's got some wing damage (doesn't show, long healed) which prevents her from flying any great distance. This means 'non-releasable' to the wild.

    Cheers to all, no matter how far you flew to be here today!

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