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  •  about those imaginary dependents (4+ / 0-)

    actually this is one of the scams that the IRS regularly goes after. It's gotten simpler now that you have to have a Social Security number for your goldfish, teddy bear, or pootie in order to list them. And if you make up a Social Security number that's already in use (likely), it gets kicked back.

    Back in the pencil-and-paper day, and before they required you to write in SSNs, some people did do ideological (pacifist) tax resistance by claiming like 17 fictitious dependents. I had friends who would use Vietnamese names, as this was during the Vietnam War and they were protesting the war by not paying for it.

    Don't try this, unless you want to get hit with all sorts of fraud and frivolous filing penalties. The IRS is not amused.

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