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  •  It will be interesting (6+ / 0-)

    to see if someone as conservative as, say Ted Cruz, can actually win enough states to become president.  If they could win Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, etc.

    Conservatives generally seem to think that basically any Republican, no matter how conservative, is electable nationally as long as they sell their views well.  There's also the crowd that thinks that conservatism actually increases electability, and moderation causes defeats, but I think the more intelligent ones recognize that as a fallacy (just as the DKE crowd, some of the most intelligent Democrats I know, recognize the equivalent fallacy of thinking "most liberal" equals "most electable Democrat").

    For a long time, Democrats seemed convinced we had to nominate Southerners to win.  And now look at us, sending a liberal senator from Illinois to the White House for two terms.  Perhaps this has actually emboldened Republicans in a way...I suppose if they only nominate hard-core conservatives from here on out, at some point they simply will win the presidency with one in a bad year for Dems.  But waiting for Democrats to fail is hardly a long-term strategy for Republicans to recapture the White House.

    •  Whether someone (4+ / 0-)

      As ideologically conservative as Cruz could win is certainly up for debate. I'd lean no, unless the country was just tired of Democratic presidents and needed a change.

      A position I feel more strongly in is that I don't think someone who is as bombastic as Cruz could ever win. For example, I don't think there's a whole lot of ideological separation between Cruz, and say, Roger Wicker but Wicker doesn't seem like a complete jerk all the time.

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