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  •  Very well put indeed, thank you (5+ / 0-)

    It sometimes blows me away how disgustingly the US acted to further imperialist economic interests in the 3rd world in the not too distant past, with Chile 1973 standing out in particular but by no means being the only case.

    Imagine if, instead of fighting all of these regimes who wanted to actually keep the wealth of their nations from going to those who didn't work for it (western corporations), we had said okay, we'll support social democracy in return for not allying with the Soviets. Do you think there would have been appetite in places like Vietnam for saying no to that offer? Probably not. Instead we tried to impose crony capitalism on them by force and got: war and revolution and the deaths that followed them.

    I maintain that imperialism is the worst thing that the world has ever done to itself and I have very little sympathy for when these countries turn on us. What the hell do you expect when you put your boot down on their neck for the sole purpose of extracting economic rent to their detriment? Only the United States is allowed to have a revolution in similar circumstances? It's nothing short of disgusting.

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