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View Diary: Thank You for Smoking?: The President's Pre-K Plan (114 comments)

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    The carcinogens produced from the grilling and frying of the food we eat poses a greater health risk than does secondhand smoke.  That comes straight from the 2006 Surgeon General's report entitled "No Safe Level of Secondhand Smoke".  Ever gone to a county or state fair and walked through the toxic haze from all the food vendors?  That's "secondhand fat" for all intents and purposes, and I promise you that if you're walking through one of those hazes you will certainly not be able to smell any cigarette smoker walking by as the smell of the grilled food is a thousand times more powerful.

    If one is clever enough and self-serving enough, they can come up with a "secondhand" meme for just about anything....the same way they did with secondhand smoke a generation ago.

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