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  •  Not as partisan (7+ / 0-)

    as it use to be.

    Your first stop for comprehensive data on U.S. public opinion on climate change should be the superb fact sheet, Polling the American Public on Climate Change, published in April 2013 by the Environmental & Energy Study Institute.
    Polling the American Public on Climate Change (pdf)
    April 2013



    Yale and George Mason Universities

    August 31-September 12, 2012 -- Sample: 839 registered voters

     • 61% would support a candidate who is for a revenue-neutral carbon tax if it created more American jobs

     • 77% think climate change should be a high or medium priority for the president and Congress

     • 61% say the U.S. should reduce greenhouse gas emissions regardless of whether other countries take action

     • 66% support regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant, down from 80% in 2008

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