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  •  It's a global problem that the USA can (2+ / 0-)

    do very little about - except lead by example.

    And it's very sad that we're not even doing that - so, as a symbolic gesture in that direction not building Keystone XL would be nice.

    However, substantially, if that happened the Texas refineries in question would just get their crude oil from offshore and by rail from the tarsands (and the rest of the tarsands crude would go elsewhere in NA and abroad).

    There would be no net reduction in CO2 emissions.

    What needs to happen is that we dramatically reduce emissions - for example, undertake an green energy initiative similar to Germany's but not do something incredible stupid like they are to offset the whole effect on emissions . . .

    Then we'd a least have some standing to get Asia to think about reducing their emissions.

    •  China's taking steps. Their $70-billion investment (1+ / 0-)
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      in solar panel production is the largest anti-CO2 initiative.

      That's a break even investment at best.

      We're in the tar pit of Bircher/GOPer lobby-driven inaction.

      Obama is getting less than 1/3 of what his planned and asked to be budgeted in 2009.

      •  They might be "taking steps" (2+ / 0-)
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        Fishgrease, SanFernandoValleyMom

        but are still racing forward in a completely different direction . . .

        by contrast, the USA actually is trending downwards on carbon emissions (yes, more by accident than anything, but still - we have NOT massively expanded coal over the past decade - something that sets their emissions in stone for the next generation or two).

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