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View Diary: It's Tax Day. Let's take a moment to remember that Mich Republicans raised taxes on over half of us. (10 comments)

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    I'm not impressed with Snyder and his vile minions. We lost any homestead property tax deduction completely. It won't kill us but it's kicking the butts of some of our friends that are barely making it. What a complete jerk to pass this garbage that hits the poor and seniors so hard.

    I laugh at Snyder's tweets praising all those Michigan jobs that have sped into the state. Pfft. Oh but they can go on a job-finding binge over in Holland? Who's paying for that little trip?

    I hope this guy is voted OUT! I'll definitely vote against him. At least my former GOP state rep got replaced with a Dem! Small step but better.

    Oh and BTW could someone please get rid of all this SNOW I'm still under!!! lol

    Keep your cynicism off my optimism, thanks

    by Its any one guess on Mon Apr 15, 2013 at 06:18:54 AM PDT

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