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  •  In my German class today, (7+ / 0-)

    the talk started out about the Boston bombings. But as sad as I feel about this horrific attack — and as grateful as I am that Middle Daughter and Prospective SIL were only slightly inconvenienced (they walked home instead of using public transport, and were thankfully nowhere near the bombs) — I had to point out to the teacher that yesterday in Iraq several car bombs exploded. Death toll as of the last news I've seen (not any US news site, btw): 55, with more than 200 wounded. And a huge earthquake hit Iran yesterday, with scores of casualties. Scarcely a blip on most Americans' radars, and I can tell you that all the major EU papers had Boston as front-page stories — not Iraq or Iran or any one of a number of places where death and mayhem also reigned yesterday.

    … In other words, we are not alone in our suffering, and I honest-to-god think that we need to make sure that other nations and people are never alone in theirs, and that our suffering needs to be tempered by being mindful of other people besides ourselves.

    Extremely sober (if late)
    Cheers to you all from Berlin.

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