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View Diary: 9 Year Old Shot, Killed by Armed Security Guard Practicing Holstering Gun (203 comments)

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  •  Absolutely horrible (19+ / 0-)

    You know there is at least one neanderthal NRA member thinking something like this:

    "If only the girl had had a gun... she could have protected herself," or "If there had been a good guy to protect her, this wouldn't have happened."

    And to that person, I unequivocally say, "Fuck you."

    You know that as a veteran this man had had training in handling firearms. To be practicing holstering with a loaded gun is not only careless but a violation of whatever training he had had. Which only goes to underscore the fact that having training doesn't mean that you will take that training to heart. Yes, accidents can and do happen, but this is just unfathomably... words fail me.

    So sad. My heart goes out to everyone involved here for their unbelievably tragic loss.

    Don't forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor. - John Dickinson ("1776")

    by banjolele on Mon Apr 15, 2013 at 02:27:52 PM PDT

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