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    Sorry.  I completely agree with everything you've said, but it is just too late.  Since 9/11, and the BUsh admin and media's neverending fear-mongering follow up, the people are afraid.  I think it's why the crazy, rightwing christian, the ignorant and racist tea baggers and now the gun nuts are so vocal and lous these days.  They've given in to fear.  Of course, they will claim that it isn't fear, but that their ignorant bravado is strength and bravery.  It's laughable really.  Claiming to be strong and brave while quivering behind your bible or gun stockpile.

    Just look at the result.  The second that bomb went off in boston, the NYPD scrambled to times square with armed police walking the streets.  Assault weapon armed.

    The media instantly rushed out, desperate to hype up terrorism.  

    I really wish people would wake up and realize safety is just an illusion.  It is impossible to ever be 100% safe from any danger.  And I don't think things are really any worse now than they have ever been.  We just have a media and political figures chomping at the bit to exploit every danger for ratings, money and ultimately increased power.

    You are right that people should just go about their lives and ENJOY their lives.  But even those who want to do just that are likely to find it difficult with armed guards walking the streets and asking to search everyone with a bag.

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