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  •  i had started a diary about living (10+ / 0-)

    in fear in the usa earlier today.

    i still can't believe everything went to hell and a hand basket so quickly.

    of course, i was a kid for jfk and mlk and rfk and malcolm x, but the level of alienation is unbearable right now.

    it spreads and spreads and spreads.

    people can't take this pressure; they just pop and lash out at anyone they can.

    a very beautiful world is entirely possible, but we can't get the sociopaths to let up on the pressure they put on all of us, so walking down the street on a fine spring day is rolling the dice because some one who just can't take it anymore might be right next to you, actually, is surely next to you.

    i don't want to be old in this sort of world.  really, i don't.

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