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View Diary: Teachers sue to block Florida teacher evaluation system (64 comments)

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  •  current way [I believe] (0+ / 0-)


    10% way
    .3*FCAT-value-added(her students)+.6*Y

    class-based way
    .4*FCAT-value-added(teacher's students)+.6*Y

    where Y is an evaluation value not based on the FCAT and reflects the value added by the teacher

    •  So students are just numbers plugged into a ... (2+ / 0-)
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      ciganka, FloridaSNMOM

      formula?  How do you account for the students who move into a district half way through the year, those who come to school hungry?  Those who came into a school year two levels behind and are now only one? Those who come to school in the same clothes every day because they don't have anything else and are not really worried about school as much as whether they will eat that night?  I didn't see those in your calculation.

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