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View Diary: Debate on gun bill delayed as Reid, Manchin, Toomey and Biden seek needed votes (117 comments)

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  •  It's sad that 19 years later, the myth that the.. (1+ / 0-)
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    Glen The Plumber

    assault weapons ban still holds so much sway over legislators.

    A myth that has been blown all out of proportion and covered up other factors going on that had more to do with the Dems losing

    Indeed, as US News reported in a January 17 article, political scientists who have analyzed the 1994 election say it is "mythology" that gun violence prevention laws were the primary reason the Democrats were defeated. According to the article, headlined "Gun Control Laws Weren't Primary Reason Dems Lost in 1994"  
    Until the fear of the NRA, which according to recent reports hasn't done that well with the candidates that it supported or candidates it wanted to oust, is broken I guess dispelling the myth ought to be the beginning step taken in going for gun control legislation.

    Because this is just too much:

    ..federalization of concealed-carry permits [...] people [...] would be able to carry concealed firearms in states with tougher standards.
    And if reciprocity in some form is added to the bill making states with weak laws essentially the law for states with tough measures, and without any record keeping, this is not looking like a solution imo
    •  Iow's Dems need to lead on gun safety measures.. (1+ / 0-)
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      Glen The Plumber

      ..who actually believe in and aren't afraid to fight for it.
      AP -  Apr 15, 9:47 PM EDT

      "There's no debate that that's not an infringement of the Second Amendment" right to bear arms, said Toomey as he and Manchin touted their measure on the Senate floor.
      ..because this statement by Toomey as one of the a main players involved taking the lead ain't working.
      Instead of a coalition of Dems who aren't cowed by a myth.
      Break the 1994 myth first. Then get to work without the NRA involvement
      •  This is the place to start (2+ / 0-)
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        tytalus, Glen The Plumber

        CPC - congressional Progressive caucus: Resolution on Preventing Gun Violence

        Resolved, That it is the sense of the Congressional Progressive Caucus that, at a minimum, greater safety requirements must be implemented to prevent the violent use of guns in America by—
        1.Banning the sale of military-style assault weapons as well as high-capacity magazines or clips that can hold more than 10 bullets at a time;
        2.Requiring all gun buyers to pass a criminal background check, no matter how they purchase the weapon; and,
        3.Supporting the availability and funding of mental health and substance abuse treatment so all individuals who are in need of help have sufficient access to these services, and the support of enhanced mental health services for children.
        These are the Dems that should be put in charge right now. And keep hammering. These solutions are what the vast majority of people want. It also works politically  imo

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