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View Diary: New York Post 'breaks' two big stories about Boston bombing and both prove to be totally wrong (83 comments)

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    There is some evidence that the following happened:

    1. The Newscorp machine, under orders to find Middle Eastern involvement no matter how many facts have to die to produce it, put out all their feelers.  My guess is they went with the story before they knew someone was being interviewed by the cops.

    2. There are doubtless devotees of Fox in the BPD and FBI, so one of them provided a "tip."

    3. Since the individual hadn't been charged and was certainly not in custody, the BPD answered faithfully.

    4. The FBI refuses to disclose anything, and its internal culture is culturally conservative enough that saying "no comment" would be taken by the MSM to mean "Brown terrorists are under every rock!  Be very scared!"

    5. The rest of the MSM wanted a Middle Eastern angle in the worst way, but didn't want to be the first to go with an unverified story.  So they waited for Fox to go first, something everyone knew would happen, and that CNN would follow in about ten milliseconds.  All of the MSM knows how credible Wolf Blitzer is, so from there, everyone picked it up.

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