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View Diary: New York Post 'breaks' two big stories about Boston bombing and both prove to be totally wrong (83 comments)

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  •  Out of curiousity, I changed the channel to (0+ / 0-)

    see how FoxNews was handling the event.  I don't know the name of the person/tool/talking head running the show, but he was trying to get his guest to agree with the rumor he had heard saying that the cell phone companies had voluntarily shut down their service in the area upon request from the city.  The guest suggested it was just an unsubstantiated rumor and was having none of it, but the host insisted.  As he was insisting on spreading this falsehood, the ticker along the bottom of the screen was disputing his story.

    The saddest part was how unsurprised I was that facts and the truth did not matter to this guy.

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