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View Diary: Wall of Shame: Republicans Lose Intellectual Cover for Austerity/Spending-Cut Policies (87 comments)

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  •  the proof of the pudding is in the doing (11+ / 0-)

    or so it is said; we have witnessed various austerity policies in various countries since the Reagan 80's.  This includes faux austerity programs such as Reagan's which is now trumpeted as the seminal  proof of the efficacy of austerity (check and see how Reagan, through deficit spending, created the atmosphere which gave us GWB who spent like a drunken sailor on his pet projects)

    Thatcher's recent death has given us a chance to review the long term effects of her austerity program which today has given us a GB still suffering economic woes with 3x (from memory) the number of people living in poverty.  As we go around the EU, we can separate the countries which are now experiencing growth vs those which continue to wallow in stagnation by those which strengthened their social programs and unions (and which are pulling out of the miasma) and those which cut social programs and undercut unions (and whose populations continue to suffer)

    It is almost as if the GOP runs off public misery and they simply cannot endure a happy nation

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