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View Diary: Georgia Republican called on the National Guard to 'take a pass' on Boston Marathon duty (83 comments)

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  •  what it was "intended" as, is irrelevant (1+ / 0-)
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    What it indisputably IS, is military.  It has military-issue equipment; it trains in military tactics and missions; it deploys regularly to war zones as military frontline combat troops. It is military.

    Yet another problem with the increasing militarization of America is the emphasis now placed on the Guard's federal role, to the detriment of it's traditional local, community roles.
    Exactly.  I got no problem with NG handing out water bottles at earthquake scenes or whatever.  I have ENORMOUS problems with military people policing our streets. The dangers of having the military policing the streets are so great and so obvious that it baffles and saddens me to see people defending the idea.

    I fear greatly that, as a nation, the Boston bombing is about to make us as a nation lose our minds all over again.  Have we learned NOTHING from 9-11 and our massive collective over-reaction to it?

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