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View Diary: They Tried to Make Me Go to Retail, I Said "NO, NO, NO!" (123 comments)

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  •  Constantly "on call" (5+ / 0-)

    to work on a minute's notice? Isn't that what they used to call "slavery"?

    In both cases, the individual is prevented from having a life of their own and from trying to improve their lot through education. Clearly, such a policy has a disparate impact on parents. Arranging child care on a constantly changing schedule?  Good luck with that. Even live-in grandparents need to leave the house occasionally.

    Those who are on call for part-time wages get a double whammy. Not only are they deprived of health insurance coverage; constant shift changes are harmful to one's health and lead to accidents, experts say.

    Just as there is a premium for working overtime, there should be a premium for working "on call." Make it triple the hourly rate and this abusive practice would stop ASAP.

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