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  •  I worked for a restaurant. (4+ / 0-)

    When I applied for a part time job (clearly indicated), the application asked me to indicate what hours I was available.  I was teaching part time and self-employed the other part, so my schedule was very flexible insomuch that whether I worked on a Monday or a Wednesday for example made no difference to me as long as I'd know ahead of time.  So I checked "available" for almost every shift of the week.  That was a big mistake.

    The restaurant's policy was to post the schedule for the next week on something like the Thursday or Friday of the preceding week.  But I'd have to give two weeks' notice to request not to be scheduled for a certain shift.  So I'd have no way to schedule my off hours and still give my employer the flexibility I wanted to provide.

    Just so I'd have some guaranteed time of my own (e.g. to hire independent contractors myself or to make doctors' appointments), I started making requests with the required advance notice to not be assigned for a shift or two each week.  The first request was allowed, then all subsequent requests were denied because now I was making requests "every week."

    There was one other policy: I could independently ask another employee to cover for me.  But as I later learned, I could only be covered by an employee who had been working there for longer than I had been.  In other words, it was impossible to say to someone "Can you cover for me on Tuesday if I cover for you on Thursday?"  And after a month or so, the only senior employees were ones who were full-time and working the shifts that I wanted to be covered for.

    Three weeks ahead of time, I asked for my birthday off.  I was refused.  So I gave the required two weeks' notice in writing that I'd be leaving permanently.  It so happened that my last day of work would be the day before their busiest day of the year.  They were livid, and tried to refuse my notice of leaving my job (!).  Then they agreed to give me my birthday off, and to give me a raise for the following two weeks and a day.  I never looked back.

    I should mention, that I believe every other person working in my position was an undocumented immigrant.

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