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View Diary: Poll: Americans still favor background checks, assault weapons ban, gun magazine capacity limits (52 comments)

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    What's legal in one place (selling a gun to anybody with a pulse and a stack of green at a gun show) is illegal in another.

    No other industry enjoys the special legal protection that GWB gave the gun industry.  Federal immunity blocks suits filed by individual victims of gun violence seeking to hold the gun industry accountable for irresponsible manufacturing or selling of guns.  If a parent loses a child because a gun was not manufactured with a simple and inexpensive child safety device, that parent has no recourse to make sure the same tragedy won't happen to another family.  

    To shield a single industry from legal responsibility is fundamentally unfair. Why protect the gun industry, which produces potentially harmful, unregulated products, when we do not hesitate to hold the alcohol industry or the motor vehicle industry accountable for negligence? Gun industry immunity is of course all about gun lobby power.

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