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  •  Food Front Is Worthy! (5+ / 0-)

    Food Front is a customer-owned cooperative. Worth your time, IMO, to find it! Food Front has been around since before 1975 (when I moved to Oregon from LA).

    There is a branch on NW Thurman, one in Hillsdale.

    Food Front Cooperative Grocery

    A plug: We shop sometimes at New Seasons, some products are expensive, but organic prices are competitive for the most part, and they have one heck of a bulk foods section. Also, New Seasons was sued by Whole Foods Paycheck a few years back in an attempt to prove that NS was somehow being anti-competitive. Whole P lost! In my observations over 10+ years of shopping at NS, their employees are the happiest, most helpful retail grocery employees I've even encountered!

    You meet them halfway with love, peace and persuasion, and expect them to rise for the occasion ~ Van Morrison

    by paz3 on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 12:12:53 PM PDT

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