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  •  Eden sells some of the top quality organic (8+ / 0-)

    food in the industry. I own a health food store and was considering becoming a primarily Eden-stocked store.

    No more!

    This is a very unfortunate situation for those of us who are doing our best to promote a safer food supply. Eden pioneered the way on BPA-free cans, which they have offered since the late 90s. They have also moved away from metal cans and into  more expensive glass bottles for pasta sauces and some tomato products. Eden also, like the rest of the food industry, uses an epoxy coating in their lids. But Eden goes the extra step and coats the coating with a BPA resist.

    Eden also visits the growing fields of all their suppliers, and purchases food from growers as close to their manufacturing facility as possible. The Eden criteria for food is actually beyond USDA organic requirements.

    I think Potter jumped in, as he owns and manages Eden, into a situation over his head and beyond his purview. He does offer excellent employee benefits, and there are many comments from workers about how they enjoy their jobs.

    But his own words are very confused on the topic with which he chose to take issue. I agree with him that the Affordable Care Act has given exemptions to firms like McDonalds and unions, and that really is unequal and unfair. I can understand that this piqued his ire, and caused him to have a strong reaction to the inequality.

    But when he chose to include the language in his suit about "lifestyle choices", he crossed the line into sexism. Now I have to avoid one of the few labels in the food industry that I really trust.

    I hope he sets his ego and phony morals aside and disavows his lawsuit. It is going to be difficult to find products with equal integrity to Eden. As an example, Muir Glen offers similar tomato products in cans lined with BPA and the company is a subsidiary of General Mills.

    This is the case throughout the food industry. Another example, Horizon Dairy is owned by Dean Foods. Horizon purchases conventionally-raised calves, feeds them organic feed in CAFO conditions (Confined Animal Feeding Operations), and then puts the milk into the organic dairy supply. By me, this is an unethical practice.


    Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Mark Twain

    by 4Freedom on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 03:37:28 PM PDT

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