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  •  Good evening! (12+ / 0-)

    Are there more intellectually-challenged and corrupt politicians today compared to past years?

    For instance, the attorney general of Arizona - Tom Horne - was banned for life from the SEC, yet voters voted for him and true to form, he's been breaking the law since being elected to that position.

    Doesn't the governor of Florida have a criminal record involving medicare fraud?

    Need I mention Darrell Issa?

    It just seems to me that our country is so divided and polarized that voters overlook criminal pasts and elect people simply because they have either an R or a D after their name and then they wonder when these people are caught breaking the law, why they broke the law?
    But then, they're re-elected again anyway - see Sheriff Joe or Paul Babeu.

    I'm actually a tad surprised that the RCCC has given up on Sanford, since past criminal activities of politicians doesn't seem very important.


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