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  •  Presure Cooker Bombs- Metaphor (15+ / 0-)

    As a person who has close connections with Boston and considers the city home- I relate to so much of the sentiment expressed in this diary. My feelings were more pronounced right away, worry, shock, horror- as I have loved ones who live and work in the neighborhood where the attacks occurred.
    Now as the shock wanes, I find myself consumed with a weary soul sadness. Heart sick for the lives lost and the lives maimed physically and psychologically. And I grieve for Boston as a city who now has a part of it's heart in soul in tatters.
    This is a country and world where violence is served up daily, often times minute by minute- as our senses are assaulted with news of atrocities near and far.
    Pressure Cooker Bombs- a symbol of our times. A friend posted on fb yesterday how she couldn't get that image out of her head. The constant violence exploding everywhere. The pressure cooker imagery is powerful.
    Bits of shrapnel are hurled at our psyches constantly, we try and deal. Some of us, as expressed by the diarist here, become numb to the assault on our senses and sensibilities.  We erect our own amour as protection, to keep our own brains from exploding. I had to do this to survive the horror of the Sandy Hook murders. Tired.
    And yesterday, a watered down gun "control" bill goes down in the Senate. Defeat.
    I'm incredulous. I listen and watch President Obama's anger.  I read countless ignorant gloating posting in response to the news on various sites. I don't have the will or the energy to try and educate. My head might explode.
    My daughter who has chosen Boston as her home, loves the city with every fiber of her being.  She walked home from her office located in the heart of the city through the war zone of Copley Square on Monday dealing with many assaults on her senses to her home, also in the heart of Boston.  Thankfully safe physically, but like so many in so many other scenes of violence in and outside of Boston, forever changed.
    On Tuesday she shared that she had a spontaneous nose bleed Monday night. Lots of blood. I was not surprised- she is a sensitive soul.  Pressure Cooker.
    When will we evolve as a people?  I feel weary.  
    This is a pressure cooker world.

    Watch out for the UnderToad ~ The World According To Garp

    by donaurora on Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 06:38:23 AM PDT

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