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  •  Every legislative defeat (2+ / 0-)
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    tends to be phrased in terms of theoretical advantages in the next election in this broken system of ours.  I have seen very little evidence it ever works out that way.

    And not just because the Republicans are in such gerrymandered districts that they fear a primary challenge.  It's a question of voter attention, memory and salience.

    90% of the public supporting background checks does not mean that 90% will change their vote for a Congressman or Senator who opposes them.  I suspect that if the average voter hasn't been personally exposed to gun violence, background check votes are unlikely to influence them.  And that's if they're not straight-ticket voters to begin with and they're sufficiently attentive to the news.

    Reid needed to line up all his nuclear-option ducks before the debate even started and publicly shame his opponents.  Pelosi needed to have discharge petitions thrust in the face of every vulnerable House Republicans with charts of Bloomberg's ad buys.  Instead we get filibustered watered-down crap that had no hope to get through the House anyway.

    I see no victory here.

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