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  •  If I can just get to the end of April (5+ / 0-)

    Today was spent helping my son put the finishing touches on his science fair project — a Tesla Coil. One of those mad scientist things that send arcs of electricity through the air. By "helping" I mean supervising the use of the hot glue gun and the soldering iron, two tools with which I am profoundly unfamiliar, but which I can see that at 11-year-old shouldn't be using on his own.

    We have the science fair, the end of the year band concert, eno of the year choir concert, end of the year dance recital between now and the end of April. And then all I've got in May is a play at the end of the month and a high-stakes standardized testing task force meeting. I am really excited that as a result of my work on this issue with the support of so many guildies a couple years ago, over 10,000 parents in New York have opted out, and our own school district here in PA is finally moving forward with developing it's own alternatives.

    Miss everyone and cannot wait for life to slow down a bit so I can get back to the game I love with the people I love.

    A working man robs a bank and it's a federal manhunt. A banker robs a working man and gets a bailout.

    by Grassroots Mom on Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 04:39:18 PM PDT

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