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View Diary: Have The American People Accepted Corporate State Fascism? (42 comments)

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    We are definitely close to a Fascist state. In fact, I would call it Theofascism because of such a big religious component.
      There are definitions and principle of Fascism that differ, but there are always a few that never change
    Anti labor
    Anti education
    large military
    corporate power
      Back in 1986 the corporate right repealed the Fairness Doctrine. Shortly thereafter Rush Limbaugh was all over the country spewing propaganda that always protected the GOP and the big 5 mega industries  that owned them. In 1995 Fox news was born and 1996 the Telecomm Act passed. Today, instead of hundreds of media owners it is down to a handful.Over 92 percent of talk radio is "conservative". (Not the old conservative values, but the new corporate controlled conservatism)
      Goebbels was the propaganda minister in Germany and he had a simple 3 step recipe that the American Oligarchs have followed. He said (paraphrased) You can control a people anywhere at any time by doing 3 things.
    1. Always have an enemy (Govt, Obama, Illegals, gays etc)
    2. Always be the Uber Patriot so if people disagree with you they are unpatriotic
    3. Always have the means to saturate and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat your message until it becomes the "truth"
       It worked in Germany and sadly it is working here.
    Until money is taken out of the election process or our media/news is NOT profit based I believe it will only get worse.

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