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View Diary: Texas wants federal disaster aid it refused to give others (318 comments)

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    jayden, Oh Mary Oh

    Do the talking heads realize what they're saying, and that it is being taped? It doesn't mesh with reality very well.

    The first responders were volunteer firefighters who were on scene and fighting the fire before it became an explosion.

    West is a small town, I've driven through it a few times, and if you blink you might miss it. I can understand why they don't have a huge fire department.

    It did make me scratch my head to hear on the news that the fire department was going to start pumping out pools to make sure they had water to work the fire. I'm just up I-35, but that speaks to a lack of infrastructure that I didn't realize was that close by.

    They put their lives on the line to fight crap like this. They deserve any and all support they can get even if the elected officials above them are being idiots.

    Those same elected officals don't have their backs. Back in 2011 the budget for volunteer fire departments was cut by 75%

    That was done at the same time Texas was having historic wildfires.

    The firefighters did everything they could to help, and the governor has done everything he could over the past few years to hinder their preparedness.  I'll remember when elections roll around, and I'll remind everyone I know about the cuts he made to volunteer fire departments too.

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