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  •  It was a cold winter this year (6+ / 0-)

    I'm sorry about your cactus. I lost one as well. Another one is sending up new growth after I thought it was a goner. My desert willow just started to leaf so it is behind yours quite a bit. Both of my Sierra Bouquet (Leucophyllum pruinosum) look to be lost. I'm still holding out on them but it doesn't look promising. Good on you for setting up the gray water system. Something we need to do when we get to remodeling that section of the house. The orange tree sounds like a good addition and I love pomegranates. I have a Meyer lemon and ruby grape fruit growing in pots in the Arizona room over winter. They bloom just when the wind season gets intense so I keep them inside and act as their pollinator. I'll move them outside later. Good to hear from you Azazello.

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