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View Diary: Patricia Maisch and Lori Haas Were Not Just Escorted From U.S. Senate - Also Detained & Questioned (66 comments)

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  •  The absurdity of it reminds me of another arrest (0+ / 0-)

    Maybe Congress wasn't ready for such spirited debate? I fail to understand the matter of the questioning, in whatsoever, though. I can only speculate as to whether it may've been a matter of some kind of groupthink - no easy concept, that - if security may've felt whatsoever threatened by a couple of citizens shouting in the Congressional chambers? (I'm only guessing)

    I'm not sure how many Kossacs may recall this specific item of news, but I remember the absurdity of it, moreover the commentary it may seem to make of how much the electoral process limits the electorate's selection to the candidates of only two parties, in the presidential election - that there was another arrest and detainment, recently, namely during the Presidential election cycle - Jill Stein and Sherry Honkala, respectively the Presidential and VP candidates of the Green Party - were arrested and detained at the (two parties invited, only)  presidential election debate at Hofstra U.  (They weren't shouting)

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