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  •  They do look like brothers and Chechens (3+ / 0-)
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    Oh Mary Oh, mmacdDE, Cassandra Waites

    Watch the tape of how they walk. Same legs.

    Their faces are like many people of that region--a mixture of Turkish and Persian and everything in between.

    For similar faces, Google Images with searchwords:
    Football Chechnya

    Similar faces, coloring, expression.

    It was bothering me all day why I couldn't place them (although one brother's nose has a lot in common with Turkish profiles in art)

    Off topic, but I bring it up because there will be talk about "Arabs" and "Mooslims" and "Caucasians" etc.:  Caucasian.
    The  people of the North Caucasus were considered so good looking that the name Caucasian was given to the (supposed) white race. For hundreds of years Caucasian or Circassian women were taken as white slaves and commanded the highest price. Slap the name Circassian on any beauty product and it sold like hotcakes.

    A great study in stereotypes, fads, and fakery:

    Circassian beauties is a phrase used to refer to an idealized image of the women of the Circassian people of the Northern Caucasus
    You might remember the line in the movie "Lawrence of Arabia" when Lawrence is in prison and asked if he is Circassian.....because he was so handsome to his captor.

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