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View Diary: Would It Have Been OK to Drone Watertown, Massachusetts? (157 comments)

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  •  Drone? We have F15's 10 mins out. (0+ / 0-)

    If this guy has bombs, and refuses to surrender, then yes I would authorize dropping a 500Lb'r on the house rather than risk police lives trying to go in and neutralize him and his explosives.

    Evacuate the neighborhood (done) and end him.

    I always wonder, just what alternative you are suggesting to using a Drone?

    Taliban and AQ fighters that need to be taken out, are hiding in a village in Pakistan, taking advantage of Islamic culture and hospitality. Using women and children as shields.

    So, what, we should send in a company of US soldiers to fight them fair and square, face to face? You think in the ensuing gun battles that the same civilians aren't going to get hurt/killed in the process.

    The Eighth Century refuses to go quietly into the past, it is going to have to be ended with force. Time to come to grips with that reality.... or choose to live in that perpetual 8th century.

    •  Well I'm glad you're not calling the shots (0+ / 0-)

      F-15s, for crying out loud.

      If the diarist deletes the diary, this comment goes away too. Seems like a win-win for all but two Kossacks.

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