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  •  You should write down everything you remember (1+ / 0-)
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    It would absolutely be worthwhile to record what you can of her story, even if it's just to keep within your family.

    •  I just did (1+ / 0-)
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      What you read in my comment above is the sum total of what I know about the bike ride.
      As an aside, my grandmother and her siblings, my aunt and uncle, were all well into their 90's and a reporter from the local weekly thought it would be a great story if she could get an interview with three siblings all at such an advanced age. She spent a couple of hours with them writing furiously everything they said. When she had everything she wanted she said that"This will make a great story in next week's Chronicle. To which my grandmother, an elderly Quaker lady, responded, "Oh no! Thee mustn't put that in the paper." And she stuck by it. I guess they were pleased that a young woman showed such an interest in them as to spend a couple of hours listening. The story never ran. More's the pity.

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