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  •  Quantum Immortality (7+ / 0-)

    One of the more interesting implications connected to the Many-Worlds Interpretation is the idea of Quantum Immortality.

    Quantum Immortality wonders what the experience would be like from the perspective of Schrödinger's cat, instead of the observer. Imagine it this way, a person stands next to a nuclear bomb which is set to explode. It's probably 99.999999999% certain that he/she will be vaporized, but it isn't a total certainty.

    If Many-Worlds is correct, in that 0.000000001% or less of a chance, there should exist a tiny set of universes where the person survives, either by the bomb not going off or an even tinier subset where the person somehow survives the blast (although, probably horribly maimed). As long as someone doesn't experience an event where the probability of surviving was exactly "0", no matter how unlikely it may be, there should always exist a universe where a version should somehow survive.

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