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View Diary: Authorities deliver briefing on hunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect (160 comments)

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    that very bizarre---too.

    These 2 men planned to do this---but they didn't  plan for a getaway?

    All these cops----all their technology----all their firepower..............

    They have gone door to door------in neighborhood after neighborhood.

    They have shut down large swaths of a heavily populated American city---and they cannot find one heavily armed teenager who did something this horrendous?

    Yuou could fill an auditorium with the number of people who knew him.

    And his face is plastered all over every media outlet this country has.

    People are scared.

    Is he friggin' invisible?

    Mayan Word For 'Apocalypse' Actually Translates More Accurately As "Time Of Pale Obese Gun Monsters."......the Onion

    by lyvwyr101 on Fri Apr 19, 2013 at 03:33:12 PM PDT

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