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View Diary: SC-01: Mark Sanford could STILL win--how is this possible????!!? (62 comments)

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  •  IMHO Mark has a drinking problem combined with (7+ / 0-)
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    ex-spouse disorder, whereby an ex spouse does not accept the fact there is a divorce and stalks the former spouse and interferes in their life.  Personal guess again is that Jenny is "seeing" someone and Mark is out to get information on her, possibly to report to court to give him more favorable terms.  Just a guess but.....................

    Mark has long suffered from entitlement disorder, ranging from his refusal to resign as governor when his peccadillos became public knowledge.  This seat is his old seat where he customarily ran unopposed.  He views this as a step down for himself but a necessary first step to rebuilding a political base.

    However the divorce loom large if Jenny talks; IMHO he seeks to dig up dirt on her or at least intimidate her into silence.  The seat, in his view, is his for the asking so there is no reason to moderate his personal behavior.  Long term view, in his eyes, if the nation will accept Newt and other GOP black sheep, he still can have a VP shot in his future.

    Whispers are he will have to win his contest with John Barleycorn  first

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