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  •  you are only partially correct (0+ / 0-)
    If you need a permit for a gun how will a criminal get his hands on one.  
    They'll steal it, or buy it illegally.  No gun is manufactured illegally--EVERY gun is legally made in a factory.

    What permits DO help do is dry up the insanely massive LEGAL gun trade that is the ultimate source for every illegal gun.  That's what mandatory registration would do, as well.

    Naturally the nutters are against it because we all want to take their gunz, or something.

    •  Then we need to (0+ / 0-)

      Ban all guns, screw the nut jobs that own guns legal or illegal there is no good reason anyone can offer ha supports owning a gun.  Unless you want to kill someone or thing, that is all a gun is good for. After a while the stupid gun owners will get over it and stop crying.  

      •  impossible (1+ / 0-)
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        There are in the US about 100 million households who own at least one gun.

        There are in the US around 700,000 law enforcement officers of all types, Federal state and local.

        Let's assume that we need 5 officers to raid one gun-owning household, kick in the door, and take all their guns.

        That means the cops can raid, nationwide, 140,000 houses a day.

        That means it will require 715 days to raid all the houses and take all the guns. Roughly two years.  Assuming that every law enforcement officer in the entire US (local police, state police, Federal marshals, national park rangers, etc etc etc) does nothing at all, all day, EVERY day, seven days a week, except confiscate guns (all the other criminals will have to wait, I guess). This also assumes that zero law enforcement officers will be injured or killed in the course of all those raids (remember all those NRA kookers who swear we'll get their guns from their cold dead hands?).

        Confiscating guns is simply not doable.  It's like all the rightwingnuts who want to deport all the immigrants---may sound good to some in theory, but it is simply impossible.

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