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  •  Oh, for Christ's sake, stop putting words in my (2+ / 0-)
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    Leslie Salzillo, hdbooth

    mouth. Please review the entire thread before imputing to me sentiments that I never expressed. To wit, I said it 'brought me down' to see the Uncle throw not only his nephews but his brother under the proverbial bus. No serious observer is alleging that the father of the two Tsarnave brothers had anything to do with this, but he's also a 'Loser' in his brother's (the Uncle's) eyes.

    Since you mention rape and rape victims, not sure if you noticed, but the Central Park 5 (the supposed Central Park 'wilding' rapists) were all found to be COMPLETELY INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES only recently. Yet, at the time, the same media firestorm surrounded them. Judging from your response immediately above, you would have had their family members calling the Central Park 5 'Losers' and not lose a moment's fucking sleep about it.

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