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    Villanova Rhodes

    there is a ton of information out there, and much of it has proved to be false or will be proven so.

    Your questions regarding the mindsets of the suspects are the ones that I also find most baffling. Were they both so able to compartmentalize their psyches that they could watch the bombs go off, see the horrible results, and then resume life as normal? That's some serious disassociation.

    I have three other questions I find haunting...

    First, how did they know exactly how far those bombs' impacts would extend? Neither was hurt and both hung around to watch the bombs go off, supposedly. Typical suicide bombers don't walk away and criminals who plan to get away have an actual PLAN for that.

    Were they so arrogant that they didn't think anyone would review surveillance footage and find them?

    Most important...WHERE DID THEY GET THE MONEY??? Older brother was out of work, dad was an auto mechanic, younger brother was in college. Where was the money coming from that put them in Mercedes SUVs, expensive clothes, and kept the tuition paid?

    Bizarre and so sad, all of it.

    P.S. Apparently one of their aunts did call the FBI hotline after the photos was released, according to the Boston papers.

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