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View Diary: NRA, gun dealers await new surge of gun sales in wake of Boston shootout (112 comments)

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  •  Look at it this way: in network security the NICS (1+ / 0-)
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    would be what is called a "blacklist", meaning if you are on the list you are prohibited.  It is commonly recognized that using blacklists is insufficient because it is limited to catching known threats.  Instead, the recommendation is to form a "whitelist" of permitted actions or persons and by default prohibit everything else.

    Performing a background check via NICS is nothing more than verifying that the person has not done anything to wind up on that list.  If the bombers criminal records were clean and they had been here long enough to get sufficient status to obtain a driver's license, etc they would have probably cleared an NICS check easily enough.  

    This is why I have repeatedly advocated for use of a permit system instead of a cursory point of sale approach.  It takes a little more time and effort up front, and allows gun owners to effectively become "whitelisted" and avoid the NICS process, however, the background check is much more thorough.

    I am not saying that even a permit would have prevented these guys from getting guns, but it would have put their intent to do so in the hands of someone like the county sheriff who would analyze their information more thoroughly than the NICS system could ever hope to.

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