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  •  You have to consider who the photo ops (0+ / 0-)

    and materials are for.  Lots of course are self-referential.  But in my experience, the U.S. always provides printed materials in the local language.  

    •  Generally true (0+ / 0-)

      but for a variety of reasons, Pakistan is not a great case study of using local languages.  

      Some have to do with the complicated linguistic politics of Pakistan - the role of English - the role of Urdu - the role of other languages: fairly few people speak Urdu as a native language, but it's the most common language of primary and secondary education; English becomes important at the university level; very little is published (and therefore there is little ability to read) in other languages that are commonly spoken.  Bangladesh separated from Pakistan for linguistic reasons.

      Some of it has to do with U.S. diplomatic capabilities in Pakistan - a lot of people rotating through quickly - relatively few with local language capabilities.

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