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  •  Maureen Dowd's broken record (7+ / 0-)

    his a new low this morning. She has been harping on the theme that Obama doesn't know how to govern ad infinatum, ad nauseum. It is a theme she returns to repeatedly, whether or not it fits the facts.
    Her latest foray really boils down to this:
    The proposed back-ground check bill was extremely important to America's health and safety and should have passed. The President used his bully pulpit strongly but - she knows this- did not apply back room arm-twisting and horse-swapping to get recalcitrant legislators to fall in line. If the President would have only privately promised them something they wanted in return for their vote, background checks would have won.
    In otherwords, the President should sell out some other goal he wants (immigration reform? funding the Affordable Care Act?) in return for a vote that any simpleton in America would have known was the right one, as the 90% approval rating for the background check provision showed.
    Ms. Dowd has passed her expiration date as an insightful columnist and the Times should take her off the shelf.

    •  Maybe Obama should cast the Senate votes himself (3+ / 0-)
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    •  Nah, she's absolutely right (0+ / 0-)

      Maybe it will sink in eventually to all of the president's ardent supporters. When he doesn't want something all that badly, he doesn't pull out all the stops. It's beginning to look like he doesn't want a whole hell of a lot of anything really badly. Which is good because lame ducks usually aren't afforded many opportunities. He won't have too much to worry about.

      The President is a good man at heart. He's also good at giving speeches. He talks a good game. But when it's time for actual "doing" he comes up short. That's not hate. That's reality and figuring out how to set expectations for the next few years.

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