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View Diary: TSR-2 - or, the betrayal of the British aircraft industry (94 comments)

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  •  My point is just that conventional munitions... (4+ / 0-)

    for high speed low altitude fast-movers in the 1960s were so inaccurate, matched to basically unusable targeting avionics, that they couldn't hit a damn thing smaller than a city, without using nuclear warheads.

    I'm always reminded of the F-105 'Thud' in Vietnam, which was very similar to the TSR-2 in concept: very fast at low altitude, highly loaded small wing, designed to penetrate under the radar. The result was a bomber that took scores or even hundreds of sorties to hit something like a bridge, suffering steady losses all the time. Like using your Rolex watch to hammer in a nail.

    The dumb bombs, simple command-guided missiles (like the U.S. 'bullpup') and crude avionics available in this time frame were simply incapable of hitting anything from a high speed, low altitude approach.

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