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View Diary: To my gun owning neighbor and to every gun enthusiast in the United States of America - (333 comments)

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  •  False 'logic'. (11+ / 0-)

    Guns have been 'weapons of personal defense' for hundreds of years....for privileged white people. For former slaves in the deep south, not so much. Quite the contrary; guns have a long and repellent history as tools of control, oppression and murder wielded frequently under the control of a plutocratic minority against the majority. And before you say it, that is absolutely not an argument for more gunz everywhere; it's an argument for limiting access to such lethal firepower to legitimate authorities rather than the local KKK.

    Plenty of local petty feudal dictators had their own equivalent of howitzers and jet planes back in the day; they were called castles and catapults. Every lethal weapon developed, up until the industrial age, was used for "self defense" (much more often for the abuse of others) by those able to afford or obtain them. One illuminating exception would be the elimination of firearms from late feudal Japan, because they were a lethal threat to the highly trained and very expensive Samurai warriors used to maintain feudal/social order

    •  Racist laws (8+ / 0-)

      I also read that gun control laws, especially in states of the former Confederacy, were enacted precisely to keep weapons out of the hands of former slaves. And I know that I have read that MLK applied for, and was denied, a gun permit. So I don't think that's exactly the clear-cut instance you think, and is an excellent argument for support of a right that is, in any case, already in existence.

      Printing presses were also for "privileged white people," and were tools of repression and control wielded by a plutocratic minority. Is that an argument for more widespread control of printing presses, or for limiting such presses to "legitimate authorities?" I'm going to go with "widespread."

      In any case, dragging in dictators with howitzers or castles and catapults is just plain strange. But if you want to go that direction, you might recall that one of the most distinctive hallmarks of the citizenship of the English yeoman was that he possessed his own longbow and was both yeoman farmer and yeoman archer.

    •  My family had guns, but they had to be hidden lest (10+ / 0-)

      they lose their life.  Now that we enjoy the same rights as everyone else, in that regard, I do not want it changed.  Perhaps I even value the right to own my gun more so than others...since my family hasn't always enjoyed it as freely as we do now.

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