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  •  Racist laws (8+ / 0-)

    I also read that gun control laws, especially in states of the former Confederacy, were enacted precisely to keep weapons out of the hands of former slaves. And I know that I have read that MLK applied for, and was denied, a gun permit. So I don't think that's exactly the clear-cut instance you think, and is an excellent argument for support of a right that is, in any case, already in existence.

    Printing presses were also for "privileged white people," and were tools of repression and control wielded by a plutocratic minority. Is that an argument for more widespread control of printing presses, or for limiting such presses to "legitimate authorities?" I'm going to go with "widespread."

    In any case, dragging in dictators with howitzers or castles and catapults is just plain strange. But if you want to go that direction, you might recall that one of the most distinctive hallmarks of the citizenship of the English yeoman was that he possessed his own longbow and was both yeoman farmer and yeoman archer.

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