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View Diary: To my gun owning neighbor and to every gun enthusiast in the United States of America - (333 comments)

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  •  Respectfully, you cannot dismiss a contrary (2+ / 0-)
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    argument simply because you vehemently dislike it, sorry.

    Nor can you dismiss the current judicial interpretation of "well regulated Militia" since it was well explained in complete accordance with this current interpretation in the continental congress.

    Nor can you simply dismiss the concerns of many Americans who simply do not trust any government "on principle alone"... as the man said in V for Vendetta:
    "Governments should be afraid of the people, not people afraid of their governments."

    And yeah, I get that there are many violent gun deaths in this nation, and this is a tragic fact of life... but how many people die from unjust wars? Too many! Far more than from gun deaths in this nation. And this statistic proves that governments are, by their very nature, dangerous, capricious, and prone to misguided abusive actions. From your rant, I would assume that you want an unarmed populace. Well, I want an armed populace. And I am aware of the price of that armed populace, it is a severe one, but many in this nation (including democrats), like myself, feel that the price of an unarmed populace is far more severe. Now, you may believe that an armed populace does nothing to keep the government in check, but that is just your belief, and no matter how much you rant, you will not be able prove that your belief is correct and that our belief is incorrect.

    And, please, just please, do not respond with a hypothetical scenario pitting a few civilians with firearms against the full might of the US MILITARY, because if there were an armed insurrection, there is no clear line in the sand as to who would fight on which side, and therefore, the point of this scenario is not about "winning" per se, but rather, it is about inflicting sufficient damage and thus making the cost of a "government becoming a tyranny" too high, such that, no true tyranny would ever prevail in a nation where there is an armed populace. That is the point. That is the belief. That is the USA's ethos.

    TO WIT: This nation was founded on the principle of an inherent distrust of government, period. That is our heritage. That is our ethos. That is core to our tradition and culture, and this permeates virtually all aspects of our media and music and art. In other words, this is not about Aurora or guns saving people, this is about the need to have an armed populace, nothing more, nothing less. And yes, this makes society more dangerous. Yes. That is correct. But again, this nation was founded, and our government and laws were constructed, based upon one single overarching belief, namely: that the government is the greatest danger to liberty. So, if you want to say that you trust the government to disarm people, then that is fine for you to trust the government to disarm people, however, this nation was founded on the principle that we do not trust the government to disarm people. We just don't. And, that is why your rant is akin to spitting in the wind. There are many democrats who share this view, and why do you think that is? Well, it's because, as I said, this is our nation's ethos. And so, while I may vehemently disagree with most Republicans on most issues, this one issue of the 2nd Amendment, I do tend to agree with them.  

    And for the record: yes, I supported the legislation on background checks, and no, I do not personally own a gun. However, I do support the 2nd Amendment.

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