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  •  Actually, no (6+ / 0-)

    This is still in front of the federal 3 judge panel who are so sick of this case (due to the kitchen sink approach the Republicans used in refusing to turn over documents even when fined and then computers used when additional documents kept appearing that should have been turned over long ago) that they issued what I believe was a hurried and flawed ruling allowing the GOP to keep nearly all of their gerrymandered maps.  

    As documents continued to be found, the judicial panel gave parties a firm deadline earlier this year to finalize the case and get it off their desks.  Plaintiffs then asked for access to the computers used for redistricting so all documents could be obtained.   Since those computers were property of the state, even though they had been used off site (likely for purposes of secrecy), they were requested so any additional documents could be retrieved.  

    Republicans howled at this, again tried to deny access, and even claimed the computers were "lost".  After a lot of haggling eventually they coughed them up.  It was then that "deletion programs" (prohibited in state computers) and damage to the hard drives were found, which led the plaintiffs to ask for an extension of the deadline so forensic computer specialists could see if they could retrieve any information that had been illegally deleted.

    We have a Republican majority in our Legislature and weak kneed prosecution of the illegal acts they commit.  The best I can hope for is that the 3 judge panel is finally convinced that there was some serious district rigging and enough evidence of criminality that they will redraw the maps themselves.

    I'm not holding out hope for that because this 3 judge panel has shown themselves to be uncaring about this case and, despite obvious criminal intent, allowed the GOP to keep the rewards of these acts.  They're also anxious as a chicken surrounded by foxes to get this case off their desk as fast as possible.

    There is the possibility, however, that the full appeals court could be asked to hear the redistricting case should the 3 judge panel fail as badly as they have been failing.

    What happens now is up to the 3 judge panel.

    Sadly, this was just a blurb in the local newspaper here buried on the back page.  I shouldn't be surprised, our media here has been hiding the flaws nad illegal acts of Republicans for a long, long time while front-paging and praising even faulty claims of successes to the skies.

    There already is class warfare in America. Unfortunately, the rich are winning.

    by Puddytat on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 11:11:42 PM PDT

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