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  •  You're neglecting to consider that McCaskill (2+ / 0-)
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    gabjoh, The Caped Composer

    was specifically not attacking him over explicitly saying social security was unconstitutional in order to get him to win the primary. He made that comment like 2 weeks afterward and she had already geared up some devastating ads attacking him on all of the other batshit crazy stuff he's said. That is why I think he'd have lost, not because of the polling. Akin was always polling as generic R because he was an unknown representing 1/9th of the state until just a month before the primary when he won with ~a third of the vote. McCaskill was polling about 45-45 with him and both other candidates, but only because she herself was mildly unpopular and they all functioned as generic R. I have little doubt he would have tanked after multiple months of her unloading her warchest on him, though obviously it wouldn't have been a 16 point loss. Maybe more like 5-8 points. You just don't get elected saying all of the stuff he said before the rape comment.

    •  You make a pretty solid argument here... (0+ / 0-)

      The other thing about Akin is he was pretty unrepentant about everything he said. Even his rape comment, he tried to blame it on confusing forcible rape with non-forcible rape.

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